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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fidget Spinners are just TOYS

The biggest fad among our youngsters these days appears to be these strange wobbling 3 pronged ball bearings called a Fidget Spinner.  Some companies have been touting their calming abilities and pushing these things as "theraputic" and a health intervention for those with ADHD or Autism.

While there is anecdotal stories of kids who watch their widget rotate at enormous circular velocity, there are no scientific studies actually showing any benefits to them.  Unless you call being mildly amused a benefit.  Time Magazine attacks the bad science and brings normalcy to the discussion in this article.

I know that some teachers have made rules in how to play with your fidget spinner in the classroom, eager to see the benefits on students' short attention spans.  I would suggest we find other ways to engage our students.  Relevant and real world curriculum, creating relationships and allowing whole body movement in classrooms works much better.  I'm excited to see further transition to alternative seating experiments as they have a much greater chance of improving student attention than rotating toys on your thumbs.

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