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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lt. Governor speaks out on absenteeism

In the DM Register this morning we find Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds making a plea to help public education with a chronic problem:  absenteeism.  Regular Student Attendance is Vital for Student Success

Some of you may have received a letter from NFV this summer noting that 15 days absent in a year is considered chronic.  Many parents with students absent that often have perfectly good reasons; injury, extended illness, family strife, etc. The empathy and compassion we have those situations is real, however, the impact on educational success is still there.  In unavoidable cases as above we come to understand and deal with the reality.  However, for students who do not fit in that category, how may "just not feel well every other week," it has become clear through research that school attendance is a barrier to success.

Our efforts at Intake Conference this year is to kick start a communications relationship with teachers.  Working together for your student's education is the best possible way to foster success.  The first priority to do that work should be regular attendance.

Or to think of it in another way, 15 days is almost 8.5% absenteeism.  In a 260 day work year, thats 22 days of sick leave.  Would that be appropriate at your work place?

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