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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A look to the future

Some folks have asked if I could post the power point I used for the Look to the Future session on Back to School Night.  A PDF of that power point is at this link   (  The first half is just about changes going on now with our infrastructure and the proposed changes that may happen after the re-organization vote.  The second half is a little but about school finance and the impact of declining enrollment on school programs.  Don't know if that will mean much to folks, but if you want further explanation, just let me know.

We are still collecting signatures for the re-organization election.  We are very close to having the 400 necessary signatures in North Fayette and are short  less than 100 for the Valley side.  These signatures are not to approve the re-organization, just to call for an election in both districts for re-organization.  If either election fails to reach a simple majority then we continue as is, if it passes we become the North Fayette Valley School District but you would only notice minimal changes to our existing operations.  In order to re-organize into one district, in July of 2018, we need to have these elections in 2017.

Look for the opportunity to sign these petitions at the Music Boosters dinner and football game on Friday night!

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