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Monday, July 11, 2016

Please support NFVCC building Program

This is text of my speech at the NFVCC groundbreaking on June 28.  I hope we can count on everyone to support the Community Coalitions Efforts.  DW

"First of all I want to thank the people behind the growth of NFVCC for embracing our combining school districts and working for all of its students.  The coalition is a 16-year success story at Valley and I am very grateful that our partnership was embraced in a way that it brought parents and volunteers from North Fayette and Valley together.

"Mr. Knox has said that without the school district’s support this would not be possible, but I believe without the NFVCC support the vitality and power of our schools to reach out to kids would be considerably diminished.  One of the reasons the school district is fully behind this project is that we know students learn better when they are ready to focus on school.  Providing for socialization and a sense of belonging to the school, especially for middle schoolers, is a huge boost for our school culture.

"We've been talking about "Maslow before Blooms" in our administrative meetings lately.  For those of you who haven't had an Ed Psych class, Maslow's Heirarchy is the order of self-needs that we all encounter, physical needs like food and water, sleep, safety are the most basic of human needs.  Those human needs also include companionship, a sense of belonging and socialization.

"Bloom's Taxonomy is a heirarchy of thinking.  Knowledge and understanding being the basics.  Then higher thinking skills are problems solving, analysis, creativity.  We know that to successfully get into the higher thinking processes of adolescents and teens, they need to feel that sense of belonging, they need to have a safe place to be with peers and to grow in their social dynamics.  

"This building will provide that.  We know that we can do a better job in the Middle school building because fo the job that will be getting done in the NFVCC Youth Family Learning Center.  The volunteers who work for the youth center or YFL are doing great work.  They are providing the stepping stones to success for our young people and we as a school district are indebted to them for the time they give to mentor, advise and simply provide a safe place for students to develop a sense of belonging in NFV.

I thank all past and future donors to this project for the asset you are providing to our schools."

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