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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Early Learning research

Lets talk about student learning.  Here is some research articles that identify the positive influence of adults talking to their kids.  The first, for language acquisition in toddlers is pretty straightforward.
The FPG researchers said that many early child care educators can do more to actively engage children and facilitate the development of language and communication. “More high-quality language interactions between children and adults will provide children with the kinds of experiences that can foster their growth,” said Gardner-Neblett.  
In other words talk to your toddlers, don't just repeat their grunts and early sound vocalizations. Use sentences, be expressive, enrich vocabulary.  All of it helps them be more successful in school.

The Second, get fathers involved!  I haven't read it all and this is just an abstract, but for some reason;

. . . revealed that mothers' mean length of utterance predicted children's applied problems scores. More importantly, fathers' mean length of utterance predicted children's vocabulary and applied problems scores above and beyond mothers' language.
 What it is about fathers I don't know, but again, the length of utterances and the richness of the vocabulary that you use with your preschoolers helps prepare them for success in school.  Sounds like the easiest and most affordable way everyone can help their kids be prepared for a successful school career.  Have a conversation with your kids!

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