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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Iowa Common Core and Statewide Assessments

As I watch the beginnings of the legislative session, its interesting what pops up from time to time.  I am still amazed at the home schooling bills that went through two years ago, virtually eliminating any oversight by school districts.  Hopefully they will see the errors of their ways sometime on that one.

The bill I am concerned with today is Senate File 16 (SF16) which removes requirements that the soon to be chosen statewide assessment program align with Iowa Core standards and key concepts.  I hope that legislators stay committed to the Common Core and an assessment aligned with those standards.  Iowa Common Core elevates rigor and holds teachers accountable.  Its a roadmap to success for students.

I know there are people with misgivings about how Common Core came to be.  The issue, though is if it is good for Iowa Students and teachers.  We see that it is.  When the legislature considers adopting a statewide assessment, I hope that they stick with the Smarter Balanced Assessment that has been recommended by their task force.  It keeps us all on task with Common Core implementation and assessment.  

For resources for parents and teachers about Iowa Common Core, click here.
Staying with a good program is vital to education improvement.  If you get a chance to visit with lawmakers, please support the Iowa Core along with you message for adequate and on-time funding for Iowa schools.  

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