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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Electronic newsletter

For those of you who have not been getting our monthly newsletter, I'd like to point out the link on the right entitled NFV Monthly Newsletter.  As described in the current issue and below, we are shifting from a hard copy newsletter to all parents to a an electronic version open to everyone.

The December newsletter is scheduled to be the last one we mail to all parents.  Beginning next month, newsletters will be posted on my blog site and if you subscribe to updates from that site, whenever I post a newsletter you will receive an email alert.  Of course printed newsletters will still be available, but only for those who request them through either office.  Just contact Vicki Gamm at North Fayette or Carole Nading at Valley to request to be on the mailing list for newsletters and we will provide them.

Two reasons for the change, one is simply penny pinching,  postage, paper and time can be saved through going electronically,  and the second is hopefully better coverage of our district with this communication.  Many of you who don't have kids in school probably have never received a monthly newsletter.  This way you can, at no cost to the school.  Of course, anyone who wants a hard copy simply make the contacts mentioned above, we still will be sending them out, just not nearly as many.