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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm back!

Wow, haven't posted on my blog since last May!!  No excuses, just busy on other things and didn't get to it.  With the due date of the Teacher Leadership and Compensation Grant arriving, I may be able to focus on some of these communications a bit more.

Something I want to bring everyone's attention to is the link to NFV Monthly Newsletters to the upper right on this page.  I am working on cutting the costs of printing and mailing newsletters.  As I post newsletters each month on this page, patrons can subscribe to changes and receive notifications that the letter is available.  Look for the "Follow by Email" icon in the right hand column. I hope this works out well for everyone, if it does I will stop mailing newsletters in January.  For those who do not have access or would rather have the hard copy in the mail, just contact either office to request it and we will put you on a mailing list.

Everyone is looking for Ebola news these days.  Here is the latest from the CDC as of today (October 28, 2014).  We can be very safe without over reacting if we pay attention to the health professionals fighting this disease.