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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wormeli on Zeros and "Degrees of F-ttitude"

 This weekend (March 16) I started inserting a series of videos by assessment expert Rick Wormeli on Standards Based Grading.  Here is the second in this series of posts.

In this Video, Rick Wormeli discusses the impact of 0's on a 100 point scale.  Most of us use 100 points as that magical percent of answers correct.  Currently NFV uses a 90-80-70-60 point grading scale, meaning a 59 is an F, 60 is a D, 70 is a C, and so on.  The question we need to ask is then when we average scores that contain 0's will we come up with a true reflection of student learning?  As Wormeli says  "GRADES MUST BE ACCURATE."  If the 0 makes the grade an inaccurate picture of what the student has learned, then it and your averaging system must go!

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