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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome to my North Fayette Valley Blog

We are less than 5 weeks now from starting school as North Fayette Valley on August 21, 2013.   We are gradually transforming a lot of things from NF and Valley to the NFV colors and TigerHawks name.  This blog is one of them, my previous efforts have been at NF HawkBlog, but that is obviously not appropriate for our new venture.  As you can tell I'm not very creative and so you don't get catchy, cool sounding titles in my blogging, this little bit of alliteration will have to be good enough.  There is a purpose to NFV Navigator though, it is twofold.  Obviously as superintendent of both school districts  I will try to navigate education reform proposals, policy decisions and budgetary challenges to create the best future for NFV.  But I also want this Navigator blog to provide you, the public, with information about the future of the district and to allow you to provide us feedback.  If you see us making a wrong turn, let us know.  If you like the direction were going, of course we'd like to know that too.  Hopefully we can use this blog to explain to you why we are going the directions we are going and to hear why you believe thats either good or bad navigation.

In other changes, the @NorthFayetteCSD twitter account has now been discontinued and renamed @NFVtigerhawks.  Follow that account for schedule changes, weather cancellations and other important announcements coming from any of our NFV schools.  The @NFVtigerhawks feed is also automatically displayed on the NFV website that will be established at  The Valley website at will still be active and connected to the NFV sites as well.  Transforming these sites into one will take some time and some software changes ($$) so please bear with our dual web presence for the first year.

As we prepare for our new school year, we've created some Core Values that both districts have approved and that we will use to guide our decision making.  In my next post I will be explaining what these Core Values are and why they are the first step in Navigating NFV towards future excellance.

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